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Join hosts Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines, the DISCy Chicks, as they dive into the ins and outs of DISC communications assessment in the workplace for coaching, hiring, teaming, personal development and more.

Together, they will teach YOU to understand the benefits of using DISC in your workplace too.

The DISCy Chicks Podcast

Listen and learn how the DISC behaviors assessment can improve self-awareness and interpersonal communication to increase individual and team performance. DISC is a powerful, yet simple assessment that measures how individuals prefer to interact.

Once you understand DISC, you can recognize and appreciate the behavior styles of others.

We think every professional development program should include this assessment in increase teamwork, communication and performance. We use it and we want to share the benefits of using DISC in your business too.

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The DISCy Chicks Podcast

Selling is the lifeblood of any company and COVID has drastically changed the sales environment.  The DISCy Chicks interview CEO of Growth Dynamics and sales training expert Ty Swain. Listen-in, as Ty shares the trends he has encountered transforming sales teams making major adjustments in order to sell through a pandemic.

Selling During a Pandemic, With Special Guest Ty Swain

DISCy Chicks Martha Forlines and Cindy Jacoby talk about their favorite leadership behavior styles assessment DISC. If you are also a fan of DISC or just curious about what it measures and why they love- tune in to this and future episodes of the DISCy Chicks podcast!

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